P.I.D. Radio 6/4/09: Barackhenaten


PRESIDENT Barack Obama delivered his address to the Muslim world today. With his trademark panache, the president delivered his lines well, but he avoided the real problem confronted by the oppressed millions in the Muslim world: their own leaders.

Also: the movie Bug; weapon found on Phoenix-bound flight; and 72-year-old David Carradine found dead in his Thailand hotel.

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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/4/09: Barackhenaten

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  2. Christie

    Watcher Magazine is back? Yay! I book-marked it–and, I think I really need to start watching more of those tv shows and movies you speak about, myself–I had no idea they were so ‘jam-packed’ with ‘stuff’, like that! And, when it comes to things such as that ‘passenger’ who spotted someone sneaking a bag to an airline employee, in order to smuggle ammo onto that plane, I keep thinking ‘set up’–in fact, I think much of what goes on like that is merely setting us all up for something–like ‘the big fall’–eventually–and, I totally agree with you, Sharon–God is the one who is stopping those nations who hate Israel from simply crushing it to bits–His timing, and His will, for everything IS everything. God bless.

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