P.I.D. Radio 5/22/09: Dodgeball


NANCY PELOSI continues to try to dodge the verbal slings and arrows of those who supported her because she was against torture, only to learn that she was for it — or at least not against it — before she was against it. Or something.

The question we pose tonight to our Christian brothers and sisters is this: when is torture (or Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, or Non-Verbal Questioning) OK? If we truly believe that God is our refuge and our strong tower, how does waterboarding fit into our worldview? Have we thought it through, or are we just dodging that uncomfortable question?

Also: more swine flu deaths, KBR profits from electrocuting US soldiers, and Ida the not-so-missing link.

For more information on the Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural conference June 6 with Russ Dizdar, Lynn Marzulli, and Gary Kah, click here.

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  2. Christie

    Great analogy, or tie-in, Derek, with Christians approving of some forms of torture, with the ancient Israelites and their making an alliance with Egypt to help protect them from Syria–instead of trusting the LORD to keep them safe–and, there we are, doing things that we basically know are wrong in God’s sight, because we claim we ‘have to’, in order to get info from those prisoners of war–yet, doing the wrong thing for a ‘good’ reason, still does not make the ‘wrong thing’ right, no matter what purpose we’ve adopted to justify our doing it.

    Oh–and, I wish someone could explain to me why it is that we are not referring to those prisoners being held in Quantanimo as what they truly ARE–Prisoners of War? They are not run of the mill criminals, even if they were not wearing uniforms when captured–so, why treat them as criminals, and not as P.O.W.’s have historically been treated by our country–and, keep them safely penned up, and out of the war, until the war is over and done–then, let them GO?!!

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