P.I.D. Radio 5/21/09: The Pie Hole of Doom


IN THE CATEGORY of worst answers to hostile questions, it was hard to imagine anyone giving a worse performance than Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when asked about when she knew that terror suspects would be tortured at her recent press conference.

However, Federal Reserve Bank Inspector General Elizabeth A. Coleman somehow managed to outdo the Speaker in her utter and absolute failure to answer questions posed by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) about where $10 trillion has disappeared in the last eight months. Bear in mind that the annual Gross Domestic Product of the United States — the value of everything produced by every working man, woman, and child — is only $13.8 trillion.

See the video at www.peeringintodarkness.com, and wonder.

Other topics: “home grown terror”, Obama and Cheney’s dueling speeches, “preventive detention”, first draft of a UN climate treaty, and re-branding madness!

Example: henceforth, arresting suspected terrorists to subject them to enhanced interrogation techniques will be referred to as “preventive detention of improvised ideologues for the purpose of non-verbal questioning”.

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    I was listening to my ipod in ther car while my husband was driving and I totally laughed out loud at “piehole of doom”. He was looking at me all like I was crazy (I head earbuds in). It was pure geeky hilarity. Thanks for being so fun and informing. Oh, and I LOVE the dog! It’s so good to put a face to the grunts! And I rented They Live on Netflix. That’s some SERIOUS mullet.


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