P.I.D. Radio 5/20/09: Just (Hard) Drive, He Said



WE’RE PLEASED to report that Sharon’s laptop is back in fighting form, as evidenced by the nifty graphic next to today’s show notes.

Today, a quick run through the infighting between factions of the Democratic Party, the case of young cancer victim Daniel Hauser and the government’s efforts to treat him against the wishes of his parents, a Clinton-era hard drive missing from the National Archives (check Sandy Berger’s socks!), the latest “missing link”, and the forthcoming movie, The Devil’s Tomb.

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1 comment on “P.I.D. Radio 5/20/09: Just (Hard) Drive, He Said

  1. trenna

    My mother was diagnosed with slow growing non-hodgkins lymphoma 14 years ago. A friend of mine who is a oncologist told me that her type of cancer could go untreated and she would live a relatively normal life for 15-20 years and then she would pass away. At the time of diagnosis she was 54 years old. Another oncologist told her, he could get rid of the cancer so she went with his advice. She went through chemo and went in to remission. 2 years later, the lymphoma came back but this time because she had chemo, it became fast and slow growing lymphoma. This ment she had to have a stem cell transplant or die in 6 weeks. She had the transplant, which was horrible. She literally shedded from the inside out. 3 months later she caught a common heart virus that normally doesn’t effect us because our immune system.It almost killed her, and gave her conjestive heart failure. Because of the chemo her veins were shot and it left her with kidney failure and top of everything else. For the last 14 years she could hardly walk a hundred feet because of the neuropathy in her legs and feet also caused from the chemo. The last year of her life her kidneys completely failed and I helped her do paratanile dialisis every 3 hours. We were almost always trapped to the house because of the exchanges. Last march
    she was diagnosed with myleo dysplastic syndrom ( your bone marrow makes red, white,blood cells and platelets but are destoyed as soon as they go into the blood stream). The doctor said there is nothing they could do because she couldn’t have another stem cell transplant and she would just become a vampire, needed blood everyday. May 3rd at 7:40a.m. she died at home with my sister and I at her side. I loved her very much, so I really understand how you feel.
    If she never recieved the first round of chemo she wouldn’t of lived in so much pain and she would still be alive riding horses, showing dogs and teaching grandchildren how to make jelly.
    Drs., Lawyers, government should let people, parents make their own decisions.

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