P.I.D. Radio 4/5/09: The World is a Business



THE MEETING of the heads of state of the world’s largest economies last week, the G20 summit, provided its members a number of photo opportunities — and what one prominent economic writer calls a “revolution in the global financial order.”

World leaders, under cover of the current economic crisis, authorized the International Monetary Fund to create a de facto global currency called Special Drawing Rights. Watch what happens next: we predict that the U.N. will seek the power to tax the world, either by taxing carbon emissions, or through the International Seabed Authority, which — under powers granted through the Law of the Sea Treaty — would tax mineral related activities in the international seabed. (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that securing U.S. ratification of the treaty would be a priority for her.)

This should come as no surprise to Christians. The drive to restore the global empire of Nimrod has ever been the goal of globalists, and now we’re another step closer to Babel.

We also talked about this week’s rash of multiple murders. Already the meme is spreading: in a time of economic distress, gun ownership is dangerous.


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7 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 4/5/09: The World is a Business

  1. Cendrillon

    I, too, believe Obama knows what he’s doing, and I can only wish I thought he was clueless–it might be that he’s signally a message far and wide, concerning something very important to ‘someones’, about himself, and/or the motives behind so many things others can see him doing.

    And, I’m glad you brought up the ‘numbers’ thing–I’ve been hearing so very many references to the #13 recently, and what is really chilling to me is the source of those references–the MSM–big as you please, repeating numbers that have such meaning to occult adherents, such as #13–many more besides just that one, as well. They also seem to be monkeying around with the true numbers of victims, and other statistics in each case, as well–the only way it seems possible to learn some of the true statistics is to be listening to the very first reports of the accident, or incident, hoping to catch at least one reporter blurting out the right numbers–that happened with the plane crash in Buffalo–the numbers given as to the dead, by one of the first reporters on the scene, was correct–within no time at all, the number of dead had been scaled back to a lower number, but one that just echoed with occult significance–the next day, back they went to giving out the correct number of dead, which was the exact number given by the reporter during the very first reports.

    Well, it does broadcast to those of us who understand what’s going on, just how far things are ‘progressing’ for them, at least. To God Almighty be the glory–and to His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ–Amen. And, to the rest–repent and believe in Christ for your own salvation, before you no longer are able.

  2. bumblebea

    Just a comment on the energy tax. You mentioned the tax on electricity. For those who wonder if this is happening….Yes, it is!! We went to our local REMC meeting this past Saturday. They stressed several times the need to contact our Senators and Representatives regarding this tax. It was said that this is pretty much a done deal with those in power and the only was to stop it is public outcry. For example….Indiana gets 94% of its electricity from coal fired power plants. This tax would add a 35% tax on each TON of coal. This would translate into a $50.00 increase (minimum) per month on our electric bills. And that would be just the beginning. This cost would be passed on through other sources as well. As business costs increase they would be passed on raising the cost of food, clothing, etc, etc, etc…….

    Add to this the bill being posed to regulate the production of farm grown products….

    I have one thing to say… LOOK UP! OUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH! Come Quicly, Lord Jesus.

  3. Diane

    The best thing about any Monday morning is a new conversation from Derek & Sharon. I look forward to listening on the way to work. Also, loved seeing the photo of Sam & the Gang on BOTeleprompter. He he.

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  5. Lee

    GOD is still on throne and HE still rules no matter what happens on earth. It’s all in HIS hands nothing surprises GOD and to be sure HE has seen this all unfolding before the foundation of the world was ever made. Trust GOD and rely on HIS guidance and HIS protection and most of all put your faith and trust in HIS son Jesus and you will have life eternal. GOD bless Sharon and Derek.


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