P.I.D. Radio 1/4/09: New Year, New President, Same Old Struggle


WELCOME to 2009! We pray that the new year finds you and your family well. After a six-month hiatus, we poke our heads out of the new bunker to comment on the war in Gaza, the election, the economy, and prophecy — biblical and false.

Will 2009 herald a turnaround in the economy? Probably not. As we’ve discussed with Dr. Jerome Corsi, among others, we believe the downturn was planned by the elites to demolish the U.S. economy and pave the way for a global government.

We also discuss the prophetic implications of the war in Gaza and an interesting piece from a pro-government website in Iran that explained why Barack Obama is “with us”.

Finally, we touch on our new writing projects and mention a few of the things we look forward to in 2009.


Note: P.I.D. Radio is now a part of the Revelations Radio Network, a collection of like minded Internet broadcasters. You’ll find all the shows collected at www.RevelationsRadioNetwork.com.

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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 1/4/09: New Year, New President, Same Old Struggle

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  2. Kevin T

    Hooray! A new P.I.D. episode! Happy New Year to Derek and Sharon!

    Also, Happy Birthday to Derek today 1/5/09… my sister and step-son share your birdate, Derek!

    Cheers, and God Bless,

  3. Matthew

    Thanks for the new episode of PID radio. Please feel free to poke your heads out of the bunker more often. It was nice to hear your analysis of world events again.

  4. William G.

    That’s so amazing. I was just laying here battling insomnia, worrying about what I was going to listen to on my drive to Nashville tomorrow, and I guess it was force of habit that I typed in PIDradio.com. Can’t wait to listen tomorrow!

  5. Alan In San Diego

    What the above all said! It’s nice to hear your voices again. I’ve just gotta gotta have Russ Ditzers book when it’s published. Thanks for that info. Hugs to you both and your little doxie, Sam.

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