P.I.D. Radio Special: David Flynn — Isaac Newton and the Temple at the Center of Time


Temple at the Center of TimeSIR ISAAC NEWTON apparently devoted his life to much more than the basic laws of physics. According to David Flynn, author of the new book Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Finally Deciphered and the Year 2012, Newton was very close to finding an amazing mathematical key to end times prophecy.

Quoting from Sharon’s review:

In Temple at the Center of Time, Flynn follows the trail left by Newton and others who sought the prisca sapientia or ‘ancient widsom’ of men like Plato, Pythagoras, and King Solomon. This isn’t a wizard’s hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone — far from it. It’s so much more — a journey to unlock the quantifiable definitions inherent within God’s ordered universe. There is no hocus pocus here, only sound logic and reproducible mathematics.

Oh, yes, and David may also have found the location of the lost Ark of the Covenant.

As is always the case when we talk with David Flynn, prepare for an hour that will change the way you view the Bible and prophecy.


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7 comments on “P.I.D. Radio Special: David Flynn — Isaac Newton and the Temple at the Center of Time

  1. Steve

    What a great surprise to hear you guys live again
    please come back you are missed, if not may God bless everything you two do.

    One of your many fans

  2. Alan In San Diego

    What a wonderful blessing and surprise to have you back for even one more show. You’ve been sooooo missed! Sunday evenings just haven’t been quite the same without the two of you. I hope you’ll someday resume the weekly shows. By the way, some of my favorite shows were the “blathers” when the two of you had to just wing it due to a guest not being able to appear or whatever. I learned a lot . . . David Flynn is an interesting guy. I have his “Temple” book on pre-order already and I hope that someday he’ll do a second printing of his “Cydonia” book so I can get that one as well.

    Yet another one of your many listeners.

  3. Jim Bramlett

    Loved your 1-hour interview with David Flynn.

    FYI, I noticed that he began talking about the resurrection (and AD 33) at 00:33:00 and during that minute. Coincidence? I doubt it.


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  5. jj slater

    Hello from Scotland

    I am from a reformed background so i’m not exposed to much of the genre you are presenting, i love what you are doing btw. My question is regarding our late brother David Flynn and his theories, i have listened to them over and over and found quite a few videos and audio of him, but i’m confused as to weather or not theories are still possible can you give me some bullet points of David’s that are still possible, I think analytically so if you could give premise and conclusion it would help me immensely.

    My interest is peaked regarding the 2012 thing, no doubt yours are too. David seems the most credible out there but is difficult to follow if like me you are not immersed in this genre, Sorry to be so dull and hard of learning. It’s not something i can ask my elders so i hope you dont mind me asking as it could be significant very shortly and i’d like to be prepared to give answers. Pre mill disp is not the reformed teaching on eschatology so it hard to follow, my end time view is open to accept anything (according to scripture).

    Keep up the good work folks

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