Best of P.I.D. Radio: Stan Deyo — The Tower of Babel and the Return of the Sumerian Gods

Stan Deyo
Stan Deyo

From the archives, a show that we originally posted December 6, 2005, presented here for the first time in CD quality audio:

Our guest was scientist, archaeologist, and author Stan Deyo, who discussed the Tower of Babel, Tesla coil technology and how both might have been used as portals to other dimensions — inhabited dimensions.

Stan also revealed that sources inside the Defense Department are whispering about a coming event they call “the return of the Sumerian gods”.


* Stan Deyo’s website
* Victory stele of Naram-Sin, which Stan referred to during the interview (note that the interpretation at the linked site differs from Stan’s)
* JP Morgan hires 4,500 grads in India
* Chemical in plastic can damage young brains
* The president’s younger brother on tour with Sun-Myung Moon

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