Good Night, Wherever You Are — PID Radio Signs Off

PID ending

July 13, 2008

TONIGHT’S SHOW brings us full circle — back to the one-on-one, husband and wife, author-to-author conversation that started it all back in March, 2005.

After 3.33 years, the Bunker closes its doors, and Derek and Sharon Gilbert hang up their headphones as hosts of PID Radio. “We’ve loved every minute of this journey”, the Gilberts say with big smiles, “and we’ve had the distinct pleasure of getting to know some of the best and brightest Christians on the planet.”

But while this may seem like the end of the line, it’s simply the beginning of the next leg of the trip. The PID Archives will remain online, so dig in and enjoy 3+ years of amazing interviews. For those who require a daily injection of PID insights, PID News is back looking at daily events, and both Derek and Sharon have top secret projects you’ll soon hear all about. Stay tuned….


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5 comments on “Good Night, Wherever You Are — PID Radio Signs Off

  1. William G.

    So long guys… can’t say I’m surprised, but I find the timing ironic. I just got an mp3 adapter for my car so I could listen to podcasts like 20 minutes before you posted this… LOL.

  2. Frank Lordi

    You guys have been such a blessing to many of us for so long.

    Thank you for all that you’ve done and for playing a huge part in motivating so many of us to join in the spiritual battle to get “THE TRUTH” out there.

    May God continue to bless the both of you in whatever “top secret” projects you have planned for the future… and in all things (planned and unplanned) that life will bring in days, weeks, months, and years to come.

    Can’t wait to see what you guys will be doing next!

    Thanks again for everything. It is and has been a blessing to have you on the network.

  3. Steve

    As a new listener I’m sorry to see you end the show. Your “chemistry” together and sincere interest in the subject matter was very evident and enjoyable to listen to. I appreciate the links, many are new to me. I’ll catch up on your archived shows and look forward to news of your next projects. Thanks.

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  5. Terry Blake

    PID Radio, Derek & Sharon

    I will miss your Radio Shows, Both of you are very interesting to listen to; your point of view will be missed by all. It’s so rare to find a husband and wife that love one another and be able to talk about religion in a “Truthful” manner publicly.

    A great deal is wrong with the Church, your truthfulness concerning those issues, will be missed.

    The END, really is VERY NEAR!
    Terry Blake
    You can view my Testimony at

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