P.I.D. Radio 6/1/08: William H. Kennedy — New Millennium, Ancient Cults

Satanic Crime 240

IT IS SAID the devil’s in the details. It’s more accurate to say that the devil is nearly everywhere, a busy fallen elohim using all his wiles to lure mankind down the broad way that leads to the gates of hell.

William H. Kennedy has chronicled the more horrific examples of Satan’s influence in his two books, Lucifer’s Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church and Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium. Now he’s collected an array of multimedia resources on the occult at his website to educate the public on the danger posed not only by those who overtly worship the enemy, but by those who appear to be pillars of our communities, and even elected officials at the highest levels of government.

As a special offer to introduce this new multimedia resource, Bill is offering free e-book versions of Lucifer’s Lodge and Satanic Crime through June 7, 2008. Details are at his website (link below).


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