P.I.D. Radio 3/9/08: Paul and Phillip Collins — The Deep Politics of God

Deep Politics of God

ALMOST exactly ten years ago to the day, Fr. Alfred Kunz was murdered at his home in southern Wisconsin in a gruesome manner that can only be described as ritualistic. Father Kunz was a friend and associate of Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest well-known to conspiracy researchers for his outspoken views on the influence of Satanists in the Vatican and the crimes committed by pedophile priests.

Another close friend was Father Charles Fiore, who shared with Kunz and Martin an abhorrence for the ongoing cover-up of satanic abuse by the Roman Catholic Church. Fiore was also connected to powerful Protestants in the U.S. through the Council for National Policy, a secretive group that styles itself a conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Researchers and authors Paul and Phillip Collins explain why the murder of Father Alfred Kunz may, in fact, have been intended as a message to Fiore and Martin: Back off.

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