PID Radio begins 4th year of podcasting


Hosts March 2008
Derek and Sharon Gilbert.

Mar 6, 2008 (PIDNEWS) — IT ALL BEGAN on March 6, 2005, when Derek and Sharon Gilbert rigged their Sony digital video camera to record a fifteen minute show called “Mytharc Radio”.

According to Derek Gilbert, the original intention for the internet program was to discuss the Gilberts’ books along with news and scriptures that related to the novels’ underlying theme of spiritual warfare. The couple had no way of knowing that they’d soon be hosting popular interviews with world-renowned authors and experts, or that their ‘little radio show’ would earn a weekly, worldwide audience in the tens of thousands.

Today marks the start of the couple’s fourth year with PID Radio (the original name, Mytharc Radio having been replaced early on). In the years since that first program, the Gilberts’ faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has grown exponentially, and they’ve expanded their internet outreach with Peering into Darkness News, a daily look at how the spiritual battle manifests into world affairs, as well as their own websites,, and, where they each offer personal observations about prophecy, politics, and prose.

Originally netcasting from Missouri, the Gilberts now live in central Indiana, where Derek sells steel during the day, while Sharon edits and maintains their websites.

What’s in store for the future? According to the Gilberts, that is up to the Lord. “Wherever He leads, we’ll do our best to follow,” Derek Gilbert commented. “Who knows? It all might change tomorrow, or we could still be doing PID Radio ten years from now. Whatever the future brings, it’s going to be exciting.”

8 comments on “PID Radio begins 4th year of podcasting

  1. Nancy Schleuter

    True nourishment for the mind and soul. Quite unlike the mush served up by the MSM.

  2. Christie

    Happy 3rd PIDRadio anniversary, Derek and Sharon, and many more years besides, while we wait for Christ’s return! And, thank you both, for putting on such informative, as well as interesting guests, who speak on such important subjects, especially for those of us who truly can “tell time”, all thanks be to God.

  3. tony walker

    ive been listening since almost the very beginning and i even remember what i was doing the first time i listened to the show more than 3 years ago. keep up the good work!

    Tony Walker
    (an open-minded independent baptist 🙂

  4. Vonster

    I’m so glad you two are back in the saddle!

    Request: On a future show how about adding a recording at the end of one that is a song by the barber shop quartet you were in?

    Thanks for taking time to do this and I encourage everyone who posted to send a PayPal donation. It cost money to host all these audio files and keep domains etc.

    God Bless.


  5. Derek Post author

    The only quartet recordings I have are contest videotapes, and there are copyright issues with posting recordings of those songs — except for the one-shot quartet Gagtime, which sang a couple of goofball parodies we threw together using old, public domain melodies. And those songs are a lot funnier to other barbershoppers than they are to normal people!

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