P.I.D. Radio 12/16/07: Russia Rising

Vladimir Putin fishing
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin relaxes by wetting a line

It’s our first show from the new Indiana bunker! We’ve been storing blather for the last couple of weeks, so prepare for a whirlwind tour of global crypto-politics:

We talked about the American presidential race and wondered whether a true Christian — or even a man who just refuses to answer to other men — can make it as far in the presidential campaign as Mike Huckabee has done. We also discussed Huckabee’s response to questions about what he asked a New York Times reporter about what Mormons believe about the nature of Jesus Christ.

The crash of an executive jet tied to the CIA in Mexico caught our attention, although it seems to have escaped the notice of the major media here in the U.S. Maybe that’s because the last reporter for a major newspaper to write extensively about the CIA’s involvement in running drugs committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.


We spent a good deal of time on Vladimir Putin and his political machinations in Russia. If it seems that he’s developed a cult-like following there — well, there’s a good reason for that.


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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 12/16/07: Russia Rising

  1. jesse hatcher

    You can’t really blame the Russians with the war mongering regime of Beelzebush and Cheney at the helm of Amerika!

  2. A. Magnus

    There’s something about the Gog/Magog aspect of prophecy that I feel needs to be explained more: what about the Khazars? Around 784 AD the empire of the Khazars converted to Judaism in order to not antagonize its Christian and Muslim neighbors. This empire spanned the Black Sea around the Volga river, which is roughly the same geographical location as the Gog/Magog kingdom of Revelation.

    The descendants of the Khazars (see Arthur Koestler’s ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’) became the ethnic strain of modern Jews known as Ashkenazim. Given that the majority of the Jews in Israel today are of Ashkenazim derivation, how does that fit into the Gog/Magog prophecy of scripture? Because the Ashkenazim have in fact successfully invaded and conquered the historical land of the Israelites, I think this might throw conventional interpretations of Gog/Magog on their heads. Any thoughts on this?

  3. dxguy

    If you look across the political landscape you see that people are waking up to a remarkable degree.

    Is it just a mere coincidence that Mike Huckabee surged forward in the polls right after a CFR meeting? It’s a known fact that all the political commentators get their talking points direct from the Whitehouse.

    The only candidate that isn’t bought and paid for by the CFR and Bilderbergs is Ron Paul. He is the only one that has a record that goes back 25 years that you can see is consistent. He raised more money on two occasions, one just recently in the middle of December with the ‘money bomb’ , than any other candidate in history. People are flocking to Ron Paul in large numbers at a grassroots level never seen before. He is anti-IRS, anti NWO, anti Federal Reserve, believes strongly in states rights and
    less power to the federal govt.

    Do you see *any* current Presidential candidate that talks about real issues facing our nation? It’s all about fluff over content. How someone ‘looks’ or misleading mindless arguments over religion that don’t address
    core issues about independence from federal
    control. The only candidate out there that directly addressess these issues is Ron Paul.

    This isn’t a troll over Ron Paul. I just wanted to point out the glaringly obvious omission from
    your last Podcast.

    Huckabee is out of money. Gholiani has issues
    and problems with corruption. Many skeletons
    in that closet. Romney just doesn’t have the appeal to reach out to people and comes across
    as smarmy. It is also a known fact if you will but look that all of the military industrial complex support goes directly to Hillary Clinton. Clinton is the 1st tier candidate supported by the globalist CFR crowd.

    Ron Paul is a longshot and may not get the Republican nomination but he does inject real issues in the Presidential campaign that no one else is even bringing up. All of the neocon talking heads try as hard as they can to block him in polls and the public awareness. They consistently give him the short shrift when the debates come up. He gets LESS time for his responses in debates by the moderators than anyone.

    Anyone who has been paying attention understands that the CFR/NWO crowd are scared of Ron Paul. He represents the biggest threat to their hegemony than any one else.

    This upcoming election is going to be one of the most critical this nation has ever had. We are at the fork in the road. We can continue down the road of destruction of our nation by electing the CFR shills or we can rise to our destiny and take back our nation. It’s our choice.

    Romans 13 – This was also used by Hitler during WW2 to control the German population to turn in their weapons and be a good dumbed down sheeple who don’t question authority of any kind.

    It was also used by the NWO to send in Blackwater mercenaries in New Orleans
    by the thousands of pastors hired by Homeland
    Security to get the people in New Orleans to submit to having their weapons seized. This
    is documented.

    Romans 13 will never be used on me by any human being.

    Always question everything.

  4. sharonkgilbert Post author

    Just because Romans 13 was used by Hitler doesn’t invalidate it. You’re right, question everything; that’s following the example of the Bereans who went back to scripture to confirm what Paul was telling them.

    But that doesn’t excuse you from obeying the government insofar as the government’s dictates don’t contradict God’s Word.

  5. dxguy

    Sharon, I like most of what you have to say on your podcasts but really, you guys need to broaden your circle of understanding much more.

    Romans 13 was used by the federal govt during Katrina to get the populace affected by the hurricane to surrender their rights and liberties. Blackwater mercenaries were used by the govt in tandem to get the population to go along with what the govt wanted. DHS/Fema
    wants absolute and total compliance and to that end they went around the country to get thousands of preachers, ministers. pastors to
    get their “flocks in line”.

    Romans 13 is a total propaganda line and the NWO knows exactly how to utilize it to their benefit.

    I will *never* obey Romans 13 as put forth by the State. I recognize no man or woman who
    has that level of authority over me. Ain ‘t gonna happen.

    I will not “obey” Government, especially when the “government” we have had for the last 80 years is total Illuminati.

    Think outside the box. We have been living in
    a Police state for so long we have forgotten what true liberty and freedom looks like.

    Ever seen that old 80’s film, “They Live” ?
    Imagine putting on those special glasses
    and seeing Illuminati everywhere.

    Or go back to sleep and “obey, consume”

    By the way, Huckabee is for open borders and gun control. He worships Israel openly. He has many skeletons in his closet along with the criminal Hillary Clinton. Obama’s wife is CFR.
    Giuliani is openly despised by the people who worked under him in NY State govt as firefighters. He lied to all of them.

    If you guys really want your eyes opened,
    just google these search terms:

    “Prescott Bush Nazi”

    That will tell you the entire story, documented.

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