P.I.D. Radio 11/18/07: Dumping Dollars

Dollars for Dinner

WE’RE BACK from our trip to Indiana with some news: We’ll be Hoosiers by a week from Monday. We feel led to relocate to be closer to family members there and God has opened the doors for us to make the move.

Our show tonight is an hour of observations on the economic and political forces aligning in Washington and around the world. While we aren’t prophets in any sense of the word, we don’t like what we see.

China is dumping dollars. OPEC is debating whether to sell oil in a stronger currency than the dollar. And a company in Evansville that produces a private currency actually backed by silver and gold was raided last week by the federal government.

Meanwhile, police in Boston are asking parents to allow searches of childrens’ rooms without warrants in order to take guns off the streets, and parents in Maryland have been threatened with jail if their their children aren’t immunized. Dangerous precedents, both.


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