P.I.D. Radio 10/7/07: Dr. Michael Lynch — The Rise of the North American Union

Michael Lynch with Glenn Beck
Dr. Michael Lynch with Glenn Beck

The government wants to take your money. No surprise there.

But according to some, including today’s guest Dr. Michael Lynch, powerful elites behind the scenes want to replace those dollars in your wallet with a new currency called the “Amero”.

Dr. Lynch was a recent guest on The Glenn Beck Program, and he followed that with a guest spot on Derek’s show Friday to discuss this topic. We got the distinct impression that Glenn’s not totally on board with this idea.

As PIDheads know, we’re a bit more sympathetic.

Intelligent people such as CNN’s Lou Dobbs and Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of Unfit For Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, have made a compelling case based on evidence that’s available on the Internet for anyone who cares to look.


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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 10/7/07: Dr. Michael Lynch — The Rise of the North American Union

  1. Robert W. Benjamin

    In todays world you need to forget about single countries and join forces with others, this would put an end to wars and such other crap, if we were all one nation. Quit whining about the usa joining with mexico and canada, this is the best move we could ever make.

  2. Don Allen


    Former Mexican Presidente, Vincente Fox in OPEN admission about NAU.

    Ron Paul is America’s last great hope. He is the only Republican that can defeat Hillary. All
    the rest of the Republican cnadidates are known CFR members (check it out).

    As far as “whining”, Robert would be better off to do some actual research. The Global elites are killing the country right now. The goal is to tank the dollar and bring up the Amero. You can literaslly see it happen right before your eyes. There is no difference between Clinton/Bush – They are one and the same beast.

  3. Ron

    When do you think the Feds will implement the Amero currency?
    Do you think the Amero will be just as worthless as the current dollar? Do you think things will be far worse if they do bring in the Amero?

    What things can we expect to see (economy, society, housing, food, energy, foreign relations ect..) when they do bring in the Amero?

    If I were you I would start buying gold and silver coins which I am.
    Because those coins will be worth more than the dollar and the Amero.

  4. Matt


    You realize our constitution would mean virtually nothing at that point? No war? You need to look into what’s going on with the European Bloc countries. You can’t take 3 unequal countries smash them together, declare them equal and give them the same currency.

    That’s the same sort of reasoning used with this bailout; instilling confidence in our markets? You can’t buy confidence, either, or so we are finding out!

    We need to get in front of this and stop it.

    Robert, if you want peace move to Europe, see how peaceful things are over there.


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