P.I.D. Radio 12/3/06: Spies R Them


TODAY’S show spent a good deal of time on the mysterious death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. Keep two things in mind: 1) If the Russian government had wanted Litvinenko to disappear, he wouldn’t have been poisoned with a substance that killed him slowly over a period of three weeks; and 2) Polonium 210 isn’t nearly as hard to come by as the media is reporting. You can buy it tonight and have it in your hands by the middle of the week if you pay extra for express shipping.

We also talked about Pfizer: The company took it in the shorts with the news about its hot new cholesterol drug Torcepatrib, but it’s trying to win PR points with the announcement of a free AIDS drug giveaway in Africa. NOTE: The AIDS drug is experimental and hasn’t been approved for use by the FDA. This smells to us like a test on human guinea pigs, similar to the Nigerian scandal that got Pfizer in trouble back in 1996.

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