P.I.D. Special: Karl Schwarz — Did US destroy nuke plant in Iraq?


Karl W. B. Schwarz, author of One Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, joins us for a special interview about American involvement in Iraq and Iran. Not only have the United States been interfering in the internal affairs of both nations for a long, long time, our military may have destroyed a nuclear reactor in southern Iraq in the late 1980s.

Not Osirak, the reactor destroyed by Israel in 1981 — another one. And although depleted uranium may be responsible for a surge in birth defects in and around Basra over the last 15 years, is it significant that birth defects were on the rise in southern Iraq in 1991, immediately after — and possibly before — Gulf War I?

The question that should be asked is whether the U-236 discovered in the urine of sick Iraqis entered the environment through depleted uranium weapons — which is disturbing enough, because U-236 is only created inside nuclear reactors — or through the destruction of a working reactor.

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