P.I.D. Radio 5/8/06: Rick Wiles — TruNews (Part 3)


Tonight we conclude our discussion of prophetic warning signs of the coming Apocalypse with Rick Wiles of TruNews.com. Whether it’s Comet 73P/Schwassman-Wachmann or not, something big is coming.

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  1. outOfactor

    Luke 21 ‘Be not deceived’ ‘they will say I am Christ’. Yeshua and his apostles (our examples) forsook materialism and followed the Prophet, The greatest Prophet. Yeshua was not 5013c, He said be ye separate, render onto Caesars what is Caesars since when did the church have the gov’t involved in its spiritual affairs. Where is the sacrifice if you are looking to obtain a deduction? People aim to take a middle road (warm) neither hot or cold on lots of issues now don’t be confused about taking the Luciferian initiation in to the Beast system (666)and tip toe around that one. Its now or never, its here and now, the seal or the mark. God in his wisdom knew there would be hirelings trying to save themselves or guide there flocks errantly so He PLAINLY said don’t take the mark 666.
    As for Rick Wiles he lives in a huge house on nice huge property. He calls listeners partners, what does that mean partners? He lashes out calling some who asked him about his tax exempt enterprise vipers, snakes and FAKES. He was not self-controlled but he was mean spirited and threatening. Rick is a self proclaimed prophet, why does he have Ron Paul on, who is not a christian. Go to thebereanchronicles.com and scroll all the way down to see Ron Paul. Rick is not a prophet, he is a false prophet with no discernment. He can not discern the spirits. The line is drawn Rick Wiles God has found you wanting. The wages of sin is death and you have earned what God pays. Repent now, go to these people and make it right. As for the listeners you owe them apology. You are not godly. Stop fleecing my flock. And people stop propping up these false teachers and profiteers. We love Rick, so much so we hope he stops.

  2. outOfactor

    I love that we can express ourselves here at PID. They have posts and comments. Thanks and hats off to Derek and Sharon. Glad Sam T. is on the case. LOL

  3. R.A. LaVigne

    Most people do not know that Rick Wiles is in what is called “Corporation Sole.” Do your research on what “Corporation Sole” is all about and it will shock some of you. “All that Glitters is NOT Pure Gold.” Do your homework on this matter. It is vital the people who support Mr. Rick Wiles on Trunews.com that they know all this.
    A very concerned believer in the Real Jesus Christ. Mr Wiles learned much of the selling tactics and what are the “marketing methods” from his paid stay with TBN what is Trinity Broadcasting …Hummmm

  4. June

    Yes, my husband, Dr. Igor Shafhid, has all information on his website about Wile’s fraudulent practices. Wiles is a cult leader via the radio. He is very persuasive and knows how to con people for money. He is a pathological liar, and seems to have no problem slandering his own donors who have simply wanted to know where their contributions have gone to. He has said that my husband is not a real doctor, a Russian spy, a communist, satanist, but all this is so easily refuted if you simply google his name. The latest news now is that Wiles is slandering the Kenyan pastor (who his daughter supported for two years) who refused to compromise when Rick Wiles tried to get him to defraud his own orphanage and ministry. He and his daughter stopped support for 400 orphans! Those details can be read on: http://www.themountainministry.org

  5. bionicbounce

    I find it funny that everyone is saying such bad things about Rick Wiles I have listened to him when he had igor shafhid, augusto perez, nathan heal. Say what you want about Rick Wiles but the issue isn’t what he has it is what is being said about the usa.Now it is okay to prophecy against everyone else in the world but in the united states we seem to feel that we are above Yah’s judgment the moment anyone speaks up agianst the usa all of a sudden is a fasle prophet I have been given the same warnings about the usa 16 yrs ago and in the past 10 yrs about what is to come and thur Rick Wiles and these 3 prophets on his show I can tell you all that they have spoken I have had written down for years waiting for comfirmation from Yah and that is what I have been given igor shafhid is from Seattle Washington which is where I live and I can tell you what he has spoken is the truth about america augusto and nathan as well spoke revelation to my prophecies the same scriptures as I have been given and I can deeply discern spirits there is no peace in the land and yeat while the church is in slumber waiting to be raptured away from all that is about to happen the usa is in a free fall and every kind of spirit fills her with Yah’s wrath yeat the american church is full of the blood of the unsaved who have went to hell because no one took the time to tell the lost souls about Yahushua because all any of you care about is saving yourself thinking you will not be persucuted for the sake of Yahushua you whine and think that you are above his reproach but little do any of you know many of you play church yeat when the hail falls on america and it will you will shake your fist and curse God because he never knew you We are here to serve not to be served and our walk isn’t the easy way the usa is going into darkness yeat many of you will not believe it so because your belly’s are soft and can’t handle the meat of the word just babes sucking on milk chewing on baby food becasue it is all you can handle yeat you will know Yah’s hand is on the land when all your vain words only cause the lost and the wayward christian to bleed even more and die in thier sins keep slandering the truth and Yah will visit you and all that you have and bring his judgment on you some of you can not withstand what is to come and you thought it would pass no it is getting worse and the very thing you have feared yeat deny is upon us

  6. Mark Blicharz

    Hey bionic, you might have a bit more respect for the Almighty, Creator, I AM, than to call Him Yah. He’s not one of yer hangin buddies. Would you refer to your earthly father in such a way? He is the Most High before Whom ALL CREATION shall bow! Not just Yah! As to your point I do not believe we will see much tribulation although we deserve much. I feel the rapture is pre-trib because it is a snatching away in secret. If it was mid or post trib we still have a vauge idea of knowing it’s at least 7 years away ect. I liken it to when Peter tried to walk on the water with Jesus. When he slipped up our Lord was right there to snatch him up! We won’t be here for the abomonation of desolation either. That is a time for the two witnessess. I believe Elijah and Moses. It is a time for the Jews and the 144,000! We will be spanked some though for our ineffectvenes and poor witness I feel.

  7. Chip

    Rick Wiles of Trunews produces a very professional broadcast. I’ve never had any witness in my spirit that he’s not of God. I’ll continue to listen and pray for this ministry. Rick Wiles/ Trunews

  8. Timby

    I’ve been listening to Rick’s broadcasts for several years. Overall, his testimony seems solid. The only concern I have with his ministry is that he is buying a rather large building in FL. Givens me great pause that he seeks to embrace a TBN-like ministry.

  9. Warren H

    Rick Wiles (aka Wiley E. Christian) is the worst pseudo Christian out there. His smug, mocking and condescending comments about Christians with eschatological views contrary to his own, his arrogance and preoccupation with taking donations to build his budding real estate empire is outrageous, and claims that he receives “secret” revelations from God are over the top.

    This guy is the biggest jackass on the internet and I’m surprised anyone gives him money.

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