P.I.D. Radio 3/21/06: Janet Phelan – The Public Extermination Project (Part 1)


Tonight, we begin a three-part interview on what investigative reporter Janet C. Phelan calls “The Public Extermination Project”. Before you dismiss what she has to say out of hand, listen to the interview and check the evidence. Then decide for yourself if Janet has indeed discovered a very disturbing plot to deliver something besides water through the household taps in some of our largest cities.

1 comment on “P.I.D. Radio 3/21/06: Janet Phelan – The Public Extermination Project (Part 1)

  1. Martha

    I ‘d like to hear from Janet after ivestigative effort in Georgia. How deep can she go to expose the “underworld” rise from its human rights violating in Georgia with the White House ivolved to its current state of economy with no corporations or jobs and those few being shipped to India where computer que support is provided for Delta Airlines, HP and other corporations in India. Its quite a short twenty-five years since one of its own returned to home state to utilize own personal relationships to develop that infamous “high tech” and the state was only involved with India for “off shore ” labor in the textile idustry and had India’s “black monkey” doctors in Georgia’s state facility and they abducted one Abby Normal brain and used it, the life and spirit for twenty-two years following one Georgia Dick not giving one man in the United States White House his personal telephone call in April 1985 and Ronald Reagan departed with a bandaged ring finger while Gorborchev resigned and Reagan was introduced in Warsaw at its pacting as Robert Reagan.

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