P.I.D. Radio 3/20/06: Three Years in Iraq


No time for fun and games; it’s Monday’s rant on the news you need:

  • Cyclone Larry batters Australia
    And Cyclone Wati is on the way
  • Nepalese ‘Buddha boy’ reappears–briefly
  • Milosevic never seen in coffin
  • Digging up the Skull & Bones connection
  • Secret unit’s disturbing ‘Black Room’ in Iraq
  • “The Psychology of Abu Ghraib: Elite Thought and Iraqi Prisoner Abuse” by Paul David Collins
  • Disillusioned troops come home to be spat at in the street
  • 13 dead on eve of third anniversary in Iraq
  • Pink ‘iPods’ for democracy
    Or, “$8 million to friends of Sen. McConnell for high-tech boondoggle”
  • Former US President Bush asks China to support Citibank’s bid for bank