P.I.D. Radio 2/27/06: Iraq and Roll


We kick off the last week of February by connecting some dots with our all-seeing eye of all-seeingness:

  • 20% of the people on the neighboring island of Reunion are sick with this crippling fever
    Crippling fever reported in France — Mauritius and Reunion are popular vacation spots for the French
  • Halliburton tried to hide evidence of radiation spike in U.K.
    Surprise: Halliburton took over radiation monitoring just about the time we dropped thousands of DU rounds on Baghdad
  • Turkey’s PM says attacks on Shiite holy places are provocation
    Is this Erdogan’s way of saying he knows that this fight is a setup?Ancient sun temple discovered in Cairo
  • Big Brother Lives: Total Information Awareness survives in spite of Congress
    Just LOOK at that logo! Someone at DARPA was poking fun at us conspiracy theorists
  • Southern Malaysia state bans hunt for Bigfoot–by foreigners
    Aw, nuts–there goes our shot at getting on Coast to Coast